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Advanced Parenting with Food Science Babe

Advanced Parenting with Food Science Babe

How to identify misinformation in parent research

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Back when I was writing my book, I was so happy to speak with Erin of Food Science Babe and record this episode. Through her Instagram, Erin works to help families debunk the myths about food and the food industry using evidence-based information. Erin is also the mother to a daughter who has cerebral palsy. Her daughter is the inspiration that led Erin on this journey to help parents identify misinformation and shed the unnecessary guilt and anxiety it induces. All parents have gone down google rabbit holes and we discuss how to identify the best quality information to support your children through whatever they are facing.

Listen to the episode to hear us discuss:

  1. How fear-based marketing often targets parents and causes consumers to pay more for things that aren’t necessarily safer or more nutritious

  2. How her daughter served as her inspiration to start Food Science Babe

  3. What red flags people can look for to help them identify misinformation

  4. Tips on how to navigate the anecdotes and information found in large support groups such as those on Facebook

Check out Erin’s Instagram @foodsciencebabe to learn more about food science and safety and see what myths Erin has disproved.

If you like this episode, you can read more about these topics in Advanced Parenting. Whether you like to read by kindle, hardcover or audiobook you can buy the book or request it from your local library to learn more. Chapters most relevant to this episode include 3 and 5.