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Advanced Parenting with Caitlin Murray - Episode 1

Advanced Parenting with Caitlin Murray - Episode 1

In this episode I speak with Caitlin Murray who is a humorous digital creator and mom to 3 children, one of whom is a survivor of childhood cancer.

Caitlin’s son Calum was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 3. She shares the story on how her son was diagnosed and what their family’s journey with childhood cancer has been like.

You’ll hear Caitlin talk about:

  • The symptoms and tests leading up to her son’s diagnosis

  • What it was like to parent a toddler with special medical needs as well as her other younger child

  • How she and her husband took on different roles and worked as a team

  • The support she’s had from family, friends, and community through this journey

  • What life has been like since her son finished treatment

Caitlin can be found on Instagram @BigTimeAdulting where she has over 658,000 followers. She shares her experience with motherhood, including all the hard and messy moments, but with a dose of humor and dance.