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Advanced Parenting with Eve Rodsky - Episode 7

Advanced Parenting with Eve Rodsky - Episode 7

On the unseen labor of parenting a child through challenges

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I was so happy to connect with lawyer, mother of 3, and one of my favorite authors, Eve Rodsky, for this episode. In her book, Fair Play, Eve developed a system that helps families divide up the household work more equitably. 

We discuss:

  1. The story behind how Eve developed the Fair Play system and why she wrote the book

  2. What unseen labor is and how women are doing an unfair share of it in the home

  3. How womens’ time is seen different and less valuable than mens’ time

  4. Real life examples for how the fair play system has helped families

  5. The possible role of healthcare providers in advancing the fair play system

To learn more about the Fair Play system you can check out Eve’s book Fair Play: A Game Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live). You can find Eve on Instagram and learn more about her and her work on her website. I’m also a big fan of her book Unicorn Space, and you might say that writing a book has been my unicorn space.

If you like this episode, you can read more about these topics in Advanced Parenting. Chapters most relevant to this episode include 6 and 9.