Why me?

I’m a pediatrician and parent in NYC. My background is in academic complex care and school health. During the pandemic, I dove into writing as a way to help families while home with my family.

As a pediatrician,

I have all of this training and formal knowledge that I’ve found invaluable when it comes to raising my own children. There’s no replacement for having a great doctor of your own who you trust. But short visits can’t possibly address all of a parent’s questions.

As a mother and a friend,

I’ve seen the real-world side of what works and what doesn’t. I’ve found a lot of gaps - places where formal recommendations don’t always translate clearly. I’m drawn to discussing the things my friends ask me as their doctor-friend. Behavior, sleep, development, mental health, safety, coronavirus and more.

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Kelly Fradin, MD
Pediatrician, Mother, & Writer @adviceigivemyfriends